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Sylphyo Finger Diagram Fonts

Sylphyo Font Folio - User's Guide

Sylphyo Font Folio — User's Guide Larger image

The Sylphyo is an electronic wind instrument designed and produced by Aodyo Instruments in France. This Sylphyo Font Folio is a collection of free fonts with fingering diagrams for the Sylphyo electronic wind instrument.

These fonts are specifically intended for authors who are writing documents related to the Sylphyo, such as engraving sheet music and authoring educational material. These fonts are particularly useful for people who use Microsoft Word to publish PDF documents (such as the User’s Guide).

The collection of fonts includes nine typefaces, each of which contains the font diagrams. You can choose the typeface that suits your needs, and then write in a mixture of text and finger diagrams without switching fonts to access those finger diagrams. You can mix any of the typefaces in your document without the pitfalls often associated with using multiple fonts in a document. Each of the fonts has diagrams for all the fingering patterns that are available on the Sylphyo (recorder, flute, trumpet, Native American flute, etc.)

The Sylphyo fonts are and always will be free. The fonts are available to anyone at no charge and licensed under the SIL Open Font License Version 1.1. Sylphyo fonts may be used, studied, copied, merged, modified, and redistributed. You may download and embed these fonts in digital documents, use them in commercial projects (including mobile apps), and bundle them (with or without modification) for re-distribution under the terms of the SIL Open Font License Version 1.1.

Getting Started

To explore this font package, you can review the User's Guide as well as the Sylphyo Character Map document.

You can then download the latest release package below and dive in ...


Each release package is provided as a single ZIP file:

«Download the Current Version of the Sylphyo Font Folio — Version 1.008»

Older Versions

Sylphyo Font Folio v1.008 — Feb 27, 2021

Sylphyo Font Folio v1.007 — Feb 17, 2021


Revision History

Version 1.008 updates — Feb 27, 2021

Change the NotDef character to show a finger diagram outline in the center.

Restrict the P_Sylph Script range (FontInfo.xlsx [ScriptRanges]) to just the blocks that we actually use for finger diagrams in the PUA. This will significantly cut down on file size, size of the MAP PDFs, etc.

Change "X" Don't Care symbols to a small dot in the center. We need two don't care symbols - one for "default open" and one for "default closed".

Implement 6 new fingerings for the NAF+ — the "LHO" (Left Hand Open) fingerings.

Show the NotDef character in the User's Guide.


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