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[Chicago format] Video Recording References

This is a list of video references cited throughout Flutopedia.

The references on this page are a sub-set of the complete list of Flutopedia references.

For information on the format and other details of these citations, see the main references page.

[Chicago format] Video References

[Bee 1995] Bee, Tom (narrator). 1995. Toubat: A Journey of the Native American Flute. Sundance Media Group. Reissued in [Bee 2006].

[Bee 2006] Bee, Tom (narrator). 2006. Toubat: A Journey of the Native American Flute, Expanded Edition. Sundance Media Group, ISBN 0-9719606-5-8 (978-0-9719606-5-7). Reissue of [Bee 1995] with additonal video material.

[Borg 1995] Borg, Odell. “How to Play” Native American Flute.

[Borg 1995a] Borg, Odell. Native American Flute Intermediate Instruction.

[Calonahuskie 1989] Calonahuskie, L., vAwiakta, M., and Crowe, R. 1989. Voices of Memory: Historical Role of Oral Tradition. Kentucky Educational TV: produced by. Museum of the Cherokee Indian call number 2009.020.0001.

[Coolidge 1999] Coolidge, Rita (narrator). 1999. Songkeepers: A Saga of Five Native Americans Told Through the Sound of the Flute. Lake Forest, Illinois: America's Flute Productions.

[Curtis-E 1914] Curtis, Edward S. (director). 1914. In the Land of the Headhunters.

[Eagle 2003] Eagle, Douglas Spotted. 2003. First Breath.

[Hughes 2007] Hughes, Bill. 2007. Making the Native American Style Flutes with Bill Hughes Ph.D., In Two Volumes. ACR International.

[Redford 2015] Redford, Robert (narrator). 2015. American Epic: Out of the Many, the One.

[Reibach A] Reibach, Jan Michael Looking Wolf. Tribute to the Native Flute.

[Riffe 1993] Riffe, Jed, and Roberts, Pamela (directors); Makepeace, Anne (writer); Quinn, John Harrison (producer); Hunt, Linda (actress). 1993. Ishi: The Last Yahi, Berkeley Media LLC, Catalog #: 0091. Black and White. Reissued in [Riffe 2002].

[Riffe 2002] Riffe, Jed, and Roberts, Pamela (directors); Makepeace, Anne (writer); Quinn, John Harrison (producer); Hunt, Linda (actress). 2002. Ishi: The Last Yahi, Shanachie. Black and White. Reissue of [Riffe 1993].

[Schniedewind 2008] Schniedewind, William M. 2008. Origins of the Written Bible. WGBH Educational Foundation.

[Stanford 2010] Stanford, Keith. 2010. Playing the Native Flute in Six Weeks. CherryCows. 19 digital video downloads (WMV format).

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