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Image: John Wesley Powell and Tau-gu

Photograph of John Wesley Powell and Tau-gu, “Chief” of the Southern Paiute, taken by J. K. Hillers in 1873.

This photograph is part of the National Anthropological Archives, Bureau of American Ethnology Collection, Smithsonian Institution. This version of the photograh is from [Fowler-DD 1971] Anthropology of the Numa: John Wesley Powell's Manuscripts on the Numic Peoples of Western North America 1868-1880, page ii. Note Powell's missing right arm, which he lost at the Battle of Shiloh in April 1862 during the American Civil War when he was struck by a miniĆ© ball.

See Narratives of the Native American Flute for more context about this image.

John Wesley Powell and Tau-gu



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