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The Fujara is a long shepherd's flute from Slovakia that produces a sound like no other on Earth!

[Fujara upper part] [Three Fujara Players]

The photo on the left is a closeup of the top half of a fujara.

The photo on the right is of (left-right) Clint Goss, Tomas Kovac, and Dusan Holik in the town of Ochova in central Slovakia in April 2003. The two fujaras on the left were made by Dusan, and the one on the right played by Dusan was made by Pavol Smutney.

The Fujara Yahoo Group is home to discussions, files, and resources on the fujara. If you are interested, please join us!

The web site of Tomas Kovac at www.fujara.sk is a comprehensive resource for players of the Fujara. The site has sound samples, discussion groups, and fujaras for sale. Tomas knows the best fujara makers personally, and actively exports them around the world.

Please see Crafting a PVC Fujara on this web site.

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