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Amazing Grace - Early Recorded Music

The earliest recording that I am aware of is this recording of the Original Sacred Harp Choir "Mixed Choir" recorded in New York City in July 1922. It was recorded by Brunswick Records under the title New Britain (Brunswick 5150).

The recording is in the repository of the Motion Pictures, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division, Recorded Sound Section of the Library of Congress:

Amazing Grace

Original Sacred Harp Choir. Recorded July 1922.

Here is a recording of Mary Shipp singing Amazing Grace, recorded by Herbert Halpert on May 13, 1939 at the C. M. E. (Colored Methodist Episcopal) Church in Byhalia, Mississippi. Mary was 48 years old at the time of this recording and the wife of a preacher. Together they sharecropped a farm.

This recording is in the repository of the American Folklife Center and was made available courtesy of Lavern Shipp Baldwin:

Amazing Grace

Mary Shipp. Recorded May 13, 1939.

Here is a vocal duet sung in the Cherokee language. It is from a CD of Gospel music that was given away to visitors during the 2000 Cherokee National Holiday, and is available on the Cherokee National official web site. I have no information on the singers … please contact me if you have more information on this recording:

Cherokee-language vocal duet

Cherokee-language vocal duet.

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