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Roster of Native American Flute-related Organizations

Here's a list of web sites for national organizations related to the Native American flute:

  • The American Musical Instrument Societywww.amis.org
    Promoting the study of the history, design, and use of musical instruments in all cultures and from all periods.”

  • Clint's INAFA membership

    Clint's INAFA membership Larger image

  • The International Native American Flute Association (INAFA) – www.inafa.org
    Musical and Education-Based Organization Whose Goal is to Foster the Advancement, Appreciation, Preservation, and Understanding of the Native American flute, as well as other world flute traditions.
    Note: In 2013, the organizers of INAFA created two separate follow-on organizations: Renaissance of the North American Flute Foundation and World Flute Society.

  • Native American Music Awardswww.NativeAmericanMusic.com
    The NAMMYs help America remember its heritage, honor its unique culture, and celebrate its achievements.

  • Native Radiowww.NativeRadio.com
    Multiple streams of full-time Native American music.

  • Renaissance of the North American Flute Foundation (RNAFF) – www.RNAFF.org
    Mission statement: The Native American flute has a long tradition of cultural use as an instrument of personal expression, a means to honor the feminine principal, ceremonial uses, and to entertain at social gatherings. The overall goal of our RNAF workshop is to provide participants with practical knowledge, tools and methodologies, cultural and philosophical frameworks; a wealth of solid information, practical application, and artistic exploration in order to access this unique instrument in the context of personal self-knowledge through musical expression. Instructional style and technique relies heavily on principles of oral tradition, as well as innovative contemporary educational methodologies.
    Our intent shall always be to respect and hold in high regard the experiential traditions that are and will continue to become the on-going history of North America's indigenous flute. We shall continually acknowledge in all aspects regarding the Native American flute, its craftsmanship, performance, and derivations that serve to reinforce the importance of the musical instrument in the cultural realm both past and present.

  • World Flute Society (WFS) – www.WorldFluteSociety.org or www.WorldFlutes.org
    The World Flute Society is a dynamic and welcoming organization designed to be positive in approach, inclusive in nature, and musically and culturally beneficial to all world flutists, flute makers, and enthusiasts, regardless of playing level, music background, heritage, experience, or perspective. The objective of the World Flute Society is to actively engage its membership, bringing people together to generate enthusiastic involvement and fellowship with each other, as well as active participation in the organization, its publication, and sponsored events.
    Incorporated in the Commonwealth of Virginia on May 8, 2013, as World Flute Society, Inc.


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