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Revision History

Kokopelli at Sunrise

Kokopelli at Sunrise Larger image

Here's a summary of the major (and some minor) changes in each release of Flutopedia:

Version 4.24 — June 7, 2022

Version 4.23 — April 23, 2022

Version 4.22 — November 1, 2021

Version 4.21 — September 27, 2021

Version 4.20 — August 31, 2021

Version 4.19 — August 5, 2021

Version 4.18 — February 27, 2021

Version 4.17 — February 17, 2021

Version 4.16 — November 22, 2019

  • Handle the change of web hosts.

Version 4.15 — July 17, 2019

  • Add more embedded videos from the FluteCast series.
  • Provide links to the Native Flute Handbook.

Version 4.14 — July 10, 2019

  • Correct release dates for the text version of the Comprehensive Scale Catalog (from 2012 to 2018).
  • Add more tracks to the FluteCast video download tracks page.

Version 4.13 — June 24, 2019

  • New pages with background tracks to support upcoming FluteCast videos.

Version 4.12 — February 18, 2019

  • Corrections suggested by Sherry Bunch.
  • Add Scale Steps to the Japanese-Langauge Resources page.

Version 4.11 — November 26, 2018

  • Release of version 4.11 of the Comprehensive Scale Catalog, including all the intervals, chords, and ajnas in the catalog as well as the scales and temperaments.
  • Add pages for intervals, chords, and ajnas to the CSC.
  • Inclusion of a new Hestekor page to give access to the SWF for an upcoming FluteCast.

Version 4.10 — November 19, 2018

  • Major expansion of the Comprehensive Scale Catalog, including the addition of over 1,300 scales (including the William Zeitler scales) and the output of the whole database as an XML file (rather than the quirky TXT format used in previous versions). Thanks to Denis Begaud for suggestion the upgrade to XML. The catalog now includes 2,146 scales and 293 temperaments.

Version 4.09 — March 24, 2018

  • Add Apache flute to the Flute Catalog — photo from Bill Bezemek.
  • Add the Chinese Hongxiao acrylic flute to the Flute Catalog — photos from Hong Wang.

Version 4.08 — March 20, 2018

Version 4.07 — March 18, 2018

  • Correct error pointed out by Mike Prairie.
  • Various typos.

Version 4.06 — April 21, 2017

  • Minor updates

Version 4.05 — April 15, 2017

  • Beef up documentation for the Flute Catalog. Add 89 more flutes.

Version 4.04 — April 6, 2017

  • Yet more updates to the Flute Catalog. Thanks to Robert Gatliff and Jon Norris for extensive suggestions!

Version 4.03 — April 2, 2017

Version 4.02 — March 30, 2017

Version 4.01 — February 3, 2017

  • Eliminate the unsupported suggestion that the Range Creek flute is from the Fremont culture. This involves, among many modifications, a change in the name of the img_RangeCreekFremontFlute.htm file to img_RangeCreekFlute.htm as well as names of images such as RangeCreekFremontFlute_sm.jpg. This may cause heartburn with search engines and such …
  • Dates provided for Broken Flute Cave pithouse construction from ([Hays-Gilpin 1998a], table 3.1).
  • General typo cleanup.
  • Update list of contributors.
  • Replace the term “fipple edge lift” with “splitting edge lift” on the Flute Crafting Dimensions page.
  • Add “splitting edge lift” to the Glossary.

Version 3.99 — December 20, 2016

Version 3.98 — December 19, 2016

  • Minor updates and corrections to the Zuni Sunrise page.
  • More updates to the Circle of Fifth images, based on suggestions from Turtle Moon (Donna).
  • Update the Scale Catalog PDFs and add a set of PDFs for each fingering that contains 14 scales on two pages (in addition to the version with 66 scales on nine pages).
  • Addition of a reference PDF for [Pepper 1909] The Exploration of a Burial-Room in Pueblo Bonito, New Mexico, together with significant improvements in the scanned images from that reference on the Pueblo Bonito page, as well as the various detail pages with larger images.
  • Additon of Robert Gatliff's experiments and observations on H-4563 from Pueblo Bonito.
  • Addition of four new albums of ethnographic recordings digitized from cassette tape.

Version 3.97 — December 4, 2016

  • Add glossary terms Lip, Upper Lip, and Lower Lip.
  • Upgrade the Circle of Fifth images, based on suggestions from Turtle Moon (Donna).

Version 3.96 — October 29, 2016

Version 3.95 — October 1, 2016

  • Massive overhaul of all 468 audio players on Flutopedia. Replace the old Flash-based audio player with HTML-5 audio.
  • Updates on September 22, 2016 to the Xiao font for Scott August.

Version 3.94 — September 3, 2016

Version 3.93 — August 12, 2016

  • Add citation for Brisbin 1878 to the Literature page.
  • Add the glossary term “fipple shield” as well as a new Fipple Shield section on the Anatomy page.
  • More major updates to The Color of Sound page.
  • Change the use of the term “musical temperament” to “tuning system” throughout the site.

Version 3.92 — August 9, 2016

  • Add source of the name of “Toubat” on the Names page.
  • A major update to the fonts package: updates to the Xiao font for Scott August publications, addition of composite finger diagram fonts, along with numerous other font updates. To be released in the version 1.22 Font Package.
  • Convert the orientation of finger diagrams in the Glossary definitions of Half-hole Techniques and Cross-Fingering to horizontal.
  • Major upgrades to The Color of Sound page.
  • Corrections to Mode 2/5 description on the Native American Flute Tunings page.
  • Add the new references page for Emotion and Music.
  • New page on the L'Anse Amour flute.

Version 3.91 — June 28, 2016

Version 3.90 — May 17, 2016

  • Addition of typographic “n-dashes” for ranges of dates and years on a number of pages.
  • New glossary terms: finger vibrato, flattement, microtone, and microtone trill.
  • Divide Scale Catalog pages that are too long to display.
  • Add “Pueblo Indian flute” as another name for the instrument.
  • Ideas from Jim Fallon on playing with recorded music in the FAQ.

Version 3.89 — May 6, 2016

  • Add ToneCount to the Unicode Text output version of the Comprehensive Scale Catalog.
  • Add a reference PDF for [Brisbin 1878] - The Poetry of Indians.
  • Add a new “How do I get started playing?” entry to the Frequently Asked Questions page, with photos of Michael Graham Allen's late 1980s Flute Introduction from Jon Norris.
  • Add chords to the Scale Catalog.
  • Split the text file version of the Scale Catalog out to a separate page.
  • Add the new Note Endings FluteCast to the Ending Notes page.

Version 3.88 — May 2, 2016

  • Display the scale in staff notation for each scale in the Comprehensive Scale Catalog, using “Scale Slice” images.
  • Output a new Unicode text file containing most of the information in the Scale Catalog, in text form.
  • Break out the PDF files for the scale catalog onto a separate page.

Version 3.87 — April 28, 2016

Version 3.86 — April 25, 2016

  • Extensive expansion of the Comprehensive Scale Catalog — incorporate more scales from the Scale Omnibus and show the modes of each scale.

Version 3.85 — April 24, 2016

  • Extensive expansion of the Comprehensive Scale Catalog — 12 additional pages.
  • Expand Enthnographic Recordings with Betty Austin Hensley and Louis Webster recordings.
  • Added a glossary definition for “Simple System Flute”.
  • Add new Mode Four FluteCast to two pages.

Version 3.84 — April 20, 2016

  • Add the ability to specify non-English language pages on the Wikipedia citation in the footer — needed for 日本語ドキュメント «Japanese-language Resources and Documents».
  • Fix typos on the Fujara Measurements page.
  • Substantial upgrade to the Fonts and Finger Diagrams to version 1.21.
  • Numerous additions to the Tuning Map, including Dan Red Buffalo tuning from Jon Norris, John Ranier tuning from Robert Gatliff, and Michael Graham Allen's mode 3 pentatonic minor.
  • Remove some old uses of the term “NAF”.
  • Add the naming conventions section to the Names page — from a section on the English-langauge Wikipedia article for Native American flute.
  • Add optional translated title for footnote on any given page with the new TRANS-TITLE attribute.
  • Relocate all .csv and tlh files extracted from NAFBib.xlsx to the /Flutopedia_NAFBib/CSV_TLH directory.
  • Add notation about the Beltrami whistle and its similarity to Grass Dance whistles.
  • Correct section header on the Useful Scales page to read “Anasazi-7”.

Version 3.83 — April 8, 2016

  • Convert all YouTube videos to HTML 5.
  • Add a Wikipedia-style citation to the bottom of each page as a convenience for folks who want to cite a particular page in an article on Wikipedia.

Version 3.82 — April 7, 2016 (later in the day)

Version 3.81 — April 7, 2016

  • Switch video display from <embed> to HTML 5 <iframe>.
  • Add FluteCasts on appropriate pages.
  • New FAQ page on Technology Basics.

Version 3.80 — April 4, 2016

  • Add three new pages dealing with scales and intervals: the Scale Catalog, Useful Scales, and Intervals.
  • Change the Tuning Map for Ute Tritonic to match the corrected version in Scala.
  • Add a link to the [Lieurance 1913a] PDF on the Song Book page.

Version 3.79 — April 3, 2016

  • Add “Blowing Edge” and “Utaguchi” as AKA terms for Splitting Edge.
  • Add k1 and k2 as glossary terms.
  • Add information on the effects of TSH width on pitch and nodal interference to the Dimensions page.
  • Add a reference PDF for [Lieurance 1913a] — the Nine Indian Songs sheet music.
  • Update Map of Native American Flute Tunings with more browser compatability tests and extensive information from Jon Norris on several missing tunings.

Version 3.78 — March 23, 2016

  • Update the Hornbostel-Sachs classification of the Native American flute based on the MIMO revision.
  • Add a quote by Joe Nulph on the Breath Hole–Length and Breath Hole–Width section of the Dimensions page.
  • Add flute anatomy diagrams in non-English languages near the bottom of the Flute Anatomy page.
  • Add additional info on the Warble from the Coltman 2006 paper.
  • Add glossary terms “Mode-shift” and “Buzz” as AKA for Warble, from the Coltman 2006 paper.
  • Update generation of Wikipedia citations to use |date= rather than |month= and |year=.
  • Repair quotations in the Pima Flute section in Indigenous North American Flutes.
  • Update image of Pat Partridge Papago-style flute on Indigenous North American Flutes.
  • Add glossary term “Baffle” as AKA for Plug, from the MIMO 2011 document.
  • Add a note about the new Wikipedia page on Flute Circles to the Flute Circle Brochure page.
  • Add “furrow” as AKA for flue, and “diaphragm” as AKA for plug, from [Russell 1908].
  • Handle generation of Wikipedia citations with a "Contained in" field, by generating a "| CONTAINED-IN = <citation tag>" so that the user can re-compose the Wikipedia-format citation by hand.

Version 3.77 — December 26, 2015

  • Added many references from recent editions of Overtones, the WFS publication.
  • Updated information on the dimensions of the Hohle Fels flute.
  • Add image of a short flue that widens, by Lubomir Lukac.

Version 3.76 — December 6, 2015

  • Substantial updates to the flue profile section of the Flute Crafting Dimensions page from suggestions by Edward Kort, Michael Prairie, Michael Jones, and Jon Norris, including a change in nomenclature from “flue compression” to “tapered flue”.
  • Numerous spelling corrections.

Version 3.75 — December 4, 2015

Version 3.74 — December 2, 2015

Version 3.73 — December 1, 2015

Version 3.72 — November 18, 2015

  • Updates to various poetry and readings pages, for formatting to match the Native Flute Handbook.
  • Add glossary items Choke and Choked Bore.
  • Add Ami Sarasvati's Christmas Song Book to the Song Book page – freely downloadable under CC-BY-NC.
  • Add the cover of The Etude Magazine, June 1932 by Conrad Dickel to the home page. Thanks to Richard W. Nash for telling me about this painting.
  • Change in location of HTTPS scripts from d15 to vm22.

Version 3.71 — November 1, 2015

Version 3.70 — September 28, 2015

  • Glossary entries for Absolute Pitch, Perfect Pitch.
  • Add AKA terms to the glossary: beak, focusing device, effigy, fissure, throat, slider, wind chamber, and flue cover.
  • Add a Hopi name for flute — le’nûñ — to the Names page.
  • Repair alt= tag on Carrying Flutes on Commercial Flights.
  • Beef up the description of the Calculated Distance output column of numbers on NAFlutomat.
  • Add the new October FluteCast video to the Bugle Scale and Taps pages.

Version 3.69 — July 5, 2015

Version 3.68 — June 25, 2015

  • Repair broken link on the FAQ page for #GrooveInFlute.
  • Add glossary terms for “Vorsatz Flute” and “Septum”.
  • Add the question “What is the recommended length of the flue?” to the FAQ / Crafting page.
  • Add additional Broken Flute Cave image from [Morris-EA 1959] to the Broken Flute Cave artifacts.
  • Add new song composition Blue Feathers by Christopher Alan Mink.
  • Repair the count of pentatonic scales in the FAQ page (there are 330 possible pentatonic scales).

Version 3.67 — June 18, 2015

  • Link various words across the site to the glossary: double flute, and bark.
  • Add ethnographic recordings from [Kubik 2010b].
  • Improved image of Catherine Johnson and Mary Kelley in Huron ethnographic recordings (from Archive.org JP2 of [Barbeau 1915]).
  • Fix image name of transcription for ethnographic recording [Pima 1927] from Barbeau_1915_FluteSong_p394 to Herzog_1936_FluteSong_p394.
  • Add 1911 Huron Flute Song and Lyric Flute Song ethnographic recordings from the Canadian Museum of History.
  • Add Silvester Mowry's account of flutes among the Ham-muk-hab-ue (Mohave or Mammuckhave) Indians from [Gibbs-G 1856] to A Brief History of the Native American Flute and The Development of Flutes in North America.
  • Relocate ethrec_P.htm files to local distibution.
  • Add a section on the Papago flute to the end of The Development of Flutes in North America.
  • Add an image of a Plains Courting Flute, late 19th Century from the National Music Museum to the Nodal Interference page.

Version 3.66 — June 15, 2015

Version 3.65 — June 11, 2015

Version 3.64 — June 10, 2015

Version 3.63 — June 6, 2015

  • Add links to the glossary page throughout the Flutopedia site for various glossary terms.
  • Add new references pages listing many articles from Voice of the Wind, ordered chronologically.
  • Catalog all relevant articles from all 64 issues of Voice of the Wind.
  • Add the Dakota word “tayazo” for “the flute player” and several Nez Percé names to the Names of Native American Flute page.

Version 3.62 — June 3, 2015

  • Add two images relating to Egyptian flutes to The Development of Flutes in Europe and Asia.
  • Add photo of Clint's flute wall to the home page.
  • Add images of Belo Cozad to the Ethnographic Recordings pages from a postcard, courtesy of Eric Kalita.
  • Add new theory of the origin of the Native American flute from atlatl design, from [Hall-RL 1997] to the page A Brief History of the Native American Flute.
  • Add the Inoca Calumet Ceremony to Ethnographic Recordings, along with a transcription from [Martin-F 1861].
  • Add treble, alto, bass, and neutral clefs to the glossary.
  • Add images for notes and rests (whole, half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth) in the glossary.

Version 3.61 — June 2, 2015

  • Add new font for Xiao to the fonts distribution — developed in collaboration with Scott August. The latest version of the fonts package is now at version 1.18.
  • Massive description added to the fonts page for how to enter extended characters on various operating systems.
  • Develop a new, experimental Cut-and-Paste Finger Diagram page to explore the use of FontFace and the feasibility of working with finger diagrams using the cut-and-paste from a web page.
  • Update second version of [SwiftEagle 1955] recordings as a new [SwiftEagle 1955a] entry released by Smithsonian Folkways.
  • Provide content for the Rhythmic Chirping page, including the new YouTube video.
  • (internal note on development) Converted NAFBib.xls to NAFBib.xlsx — drastically improving open time in Microsoft Excel and expanding column limits beyond the 256 max of .xls files. This required a re-vamp of perl modeles to use Spreadsheet::ParseXLSX rather than Spreadsheet::ParseExcel, with a half-dozen new dependent CPAN module downloads. The ParseExcel module also required an update from 0.56 to at least 0.61 (but I actually loaded 0.65, the latest). Complex, but it worked!

Version 3.60 — May 29, 2015

  • Add flute terms in Lenape for flute on the Names page from [Doyle 2000].
  • Extensive additions to the set of Ethnographic Recordings.
  • Extensive corrections on the Ergonomics page, thanks to Pam LaCroix. Also, an image of the hand position used by Brent Haines was added.
  • Many new glossary terms, including ones from [Springer 2009].

Version 3.59 — December 5, 2014

Version 3.58 — November 10, 2014

Version 3.57 — November 7, 2014

Version 3.56 — October 13, 2014

Version 3.55 — September 21, 2014

  • Establish the home page for the Ergonomics Survey.
  • Remove the completed Flutopedia Symposium.

Version 3.54 — September 3, 2014

  • Add glossary terms “whole tone”, “major second”, “minor third”, “major third”, “perfect fourth”, “tritone”, “perfect fifth”, “minor sixth”, and “minor seventh”.
  • Add anatomy diagrams for wings and the chimney.
  • FAQ-Crafting question “How large should the finger holes be?

Version 3.53 — August 31, 2014

  • Update NAFlutomat to version 1.38b:
    • Expand from two choices of temperament to four.
    • Display the ratios of the temperaments dynamically on the interface (for other than equal temperament).
  • Add glossary terms “concert pitch” and “nodal interference”.
  • Reorganize the Nodal Interference and Finger Hole Size pages based on content provided by Mike Prairie.

Version 3.52 — August 30, 2014

  • Update NAFlutomat based on early bug reports and suggestions by Mike Prairie to version 1.38a:
    • Set background colors of the finger hole diameter fields for those finger holes that are within the range implied by the “Highest intended note” and the “Key of Flute selections”. The background colors of the corresponding hole diameter fields are set based on how they compare with the “Minimum Playing Hole Diameter” calculation. Pink for less than the calculated “Minimum playing hole diameter” size, and a deeper red for less than 90% of the calculated Minimum playing hole diameter size.
    • The interface is expanded so that the actual form-buttons can be used within the documentation.
    • Fix minor bugs and typos.
  • New Nodal Interference and Minimum Hole Size page.

Version 3.51 — August 29, 2014

  • Development of the new Guided NAFlutomat interface — a step-by-step approach to setting the primary inputs for this tool. Guided NAFlutomat provides a sequence of pages, each of which sets one or a few inputs. Each page has extensive documentation on the inputs on that page, and also provides default values based on previous inputs.
  • Major upgrade to NAFlutomat to version 1.38:
    • Integration with the new Guided NAFlutomat interface.
    • Code update by Clint to add a Pitch Standard parameter (A4 = 440Hz by default). This involved changes to the JavaScript code in this page as well as the common AcousticCalcs.js module. However, AcousticCalcs.js remains backwards compatible with earlier versions of dependent code. An associated new parameter in the saved/resrored URL of "ps" was needed. This may cause unforeseen issues with re-loading URLs from earlier versions — still needs testing.
    • Move the selection of Scale Temperament to a separate section and table.
    • Explicitly show inches vs. centimeters, °F vs.°C, and feet/sec vs. meters/sec on the interface to reinforce the units that have been selected. Change the label dynamically when the radio buttons are changed. However, automatic conversion of the input values is not done.
    • New introductory text which sets the scene for how NAFlutomat fits into the scheme of flute-design approaches and tools.
    • Add a note on the lack of conversion of input values when changing between Imperial and Metric.

Version 3.50 — August 25, 2014

Version 3.49 — August 24, 2014

Version 3.48 — August 23, 2014

Version 3.47 — August 12, 2014

  • Update all Fingering Charts for new font diagrams, trill on minor and major second, alternate Finger diagram closed closed open closed closed closed for flat five, and darker blue colors.
  • Add photo of Barry Higgins to Selecting a Microphone.
  • New section on the warble on the FAQ-Crafting page.
  • Repair bug that eliminated the in-line [PDF] buttons due to new Ref Loc column in the NAFBib spreadsheet.
  • Correct the naming of the Diatonic Aeolian mode on the Map of Native American Flute Tunings page.

Version 3.46 — August 7, 2014

Version 3.45 — August 4, 2014

  • More updates to the FAQ-Crafting page.
  • Made the Wood Handbook directly available on this site.

Version 3.44 — August 2, 2014

Version 3.43 — July 29, 2014

Version 3.42 — July 28, 2014

Version 3.41 — June 25, 2014

  • New page Your Brain on Flute.
  • New glossary terms “nest plate” (aka for “spacer plate”), “roost” (from Rich Dubé's video description), and “stalk flute”.
  • Post first version of the actual Flute Circle Brochure.
  • Update the Roster of Organization page with info about INAFA and membership card photo.
  • New FAQ question: “What key flute goes with the song that is being played?”
  • Add photo of Doug Holly's alphabet song chart to the Alphabet Songs page.

Version 3.40 — May 22, 2014

  • FAQ questions “What is the major scale?” and “What is the diatonic scale?” and “How do flutes made of plant stalks such as yucca, sunflower, sotol, and agave compare with flutes made of wood?”.
  • Upgrade Flutopedia logos to clean up grit, eliminate stepwise fade, and use two-color beveled borders. See the Link to Us page for a full let of logo images.

Version 3.39 — May 20, 2014

  • New Flute Circle Brochure page — a freely downloadable promotional item for flute circles.
  • Add two new larger sizes of finger diagram images on the fonts page.
  • Update to the ‘Does it matter which hand you place “on top”’ question on the FAQ page.
  • Add a photo of Jon Sherman taken by Mike Oitzman on the Branch Flutes page.
  • Correct the title of the Women by Waterfall, One Playing Flute image page.
  • Thanks to Larry Martin for pointing out numerous typographic errors.
  • Post sheet music for newly transcribed song Bridal Chorus.

Version 3.38 — May 7, 2014

Version 3.37 — April 24, 2014

Version 3.36 — April 21, 2014

Version 3.35 — March 17, 2014

  • Updates to the FAQ page for how altitude affects pitch and addition of a demonstration of a compression wave.
  • New glossary entries for tonal center, compression wave, and longitudinal wave.
  • Overhaul of references to complete lower case titles for alternate citation formats.
  • New poem In a Tree House by Hafiz.
  • FAQ question for: I have sheet music for a song. How can I convert it to Nakai tablature?
  • Add the Rule of Thirds to the Finger hole placement page. Also, addition of a photograph of the 1914 Chippewa flute.
  • Add new sub-page of references for Legal Issues.

Version 3.34 — February 25, 2014

Version 3.33 — December 5, 2013

Version 3.32 — November 24, 2013

  • Add map of the Maliseet home range.
  • Add exonym and autonym information on the name Maliseet to Tribal Identification.
  • Correct error in Birth-Death dates on citation.

Version 3.31 — November 23, 2013

  • Post new poem from Brian Jeffries.
  • Updates to the Maliseet Love Song, including the Elda Tate transcription and an excerpt of the Laura Lee Perkins / Ken Green recording.

Version 3.30 — November 20, 2013

  • Add sheet music with inverted finger diagrams for Amazing Grace.

Version 3.29 — November 18, 2013

Version 3.28 — October 30, 2013

  • Additional info on converting RGB color to frequency on The Color of Sound.
  • Corrections to the literature quotations.
  • Initial schedule for the Flutopedia Symposium 2014.

Version 3.27 — October 8, 2013

  • More content for the Flutopedia Symposium 2014.

Version 3.26 — October 5, 2013

  • More content for the Flutopedia Symposium 2014.
  • Set up monthly newsletter.

Version 3.25 — October 1, 2013

  • More content for the Flutopedia Symposium 2014.

Version 3.24 — September 29, 2013

Version 3.23 — September 27, 2013

Version 3.22 — August 20, 2013

  • New logo for Flutopedia! See the Link to Us page for a full set of revised logos.
  • Major overhaul to the Breath Pressure in Ethnic Wind Instruments page, including an Open Access publication of [Goss 2013] Intraoral Pressure in Ethnic Wind Instruments.
  • Change recommendation from sagegrass to sweetgrass on the Care page.
  • Correct capitalization of “Native American flute” across the site.
  • Cite recent radio carbon dating of the Hohle Fels Griffon Vulture flute based on [Higham 2012].
  • Add new glossary entries for breath pressure, intraoral pressure, back-pressure, undercutting, and sound chamber aspect ratio.
  • More FAQ page updates.

Version 3.21 — July 18, 2013

Version 3.20 — July 15, 2013

Version 3.19 — July 10, 2013

  • Overhaul of all diagrams of flute anatomy - improved colors, changed shape of the block, lots of touch-ups. Link all anatomy images to larger versions.
  • More updates to the Ethnographic recordings list.

Version 3.18 — July 1, 2013

  • Addition of songs and audio excerpts to the Ethnographic recordings list.

Version 3.17 — June 28, 2013

  • More expansion of the Ethnographic recordings list.

Version 3.16 — June 26, 2013

  • More expansion of the Ethnographic recordings list.

Version 3.15 — June 25, 2013

  • Add glossary terms “edge tone” and “pipe tone”.
  • More expansion of the Ethnographic recordings list and addition of reference recordings, including entries for Middle Eastern, Asian, European, and Oceana field recordings.

Version 3.14 — June 18, 2013

  • More expansion of the Ethnographic recordings list and addition of reference recordings.

Version 3.13 — June 12, 2013

  • Updates to the Ethnographic recordings list.

Version 3.12 — June 11, 2013

Version 3.11 — June 5, 2013

  • Add Miwok name for flute (“lula”).
  • Add Mohave name for flute (“wilwil”).
  • Add Yuchi name for flute (“łokᴀn'”).
  • Add Paiute name for flute (“woina”).
  • Add image of White Raven Drums to the Kai Mayberger G minor page.

Version 3.10 — May 12, 2013

  • Add Kevin Locke's info about siyótȟaŋka to Names of the Native American Flute.
  • Use the term “personal communication” (rather than “private communication”) throughout the site.

Version 3.09 — May 11, 2013

Version 3.08 — April 27, 2013

Version 3.07 — April 26, 2013

Version 3.06 — April 1, 2013

  • Add “lacing” as an alternate for “strap”.
  • Correct Cris Forster 2010 reference.
  • Add Physiology references.
  • Repair broken birth/death dates in references.
  • Add links from each reference to Google Scholar using the Search Google Scholar tag.

Version 3.05 — March 7, 2013

  • Add the new World Flute Society.

Version 3.04 — March 5, 2013

  • Major overhaul of The Warble page, with extensive input from Barry Higgins.
  • Make use of <abbr> … </abbr> tags for common abbreviation like SAC.

Version 3.03 — February 25, 2013

Version 3.02 — February 23, 2013

Version 3.01 — February 22, 2013

  • Add museums in Santiago, Chile and Argentina.
  • Add Passive Air Chamber to the glossary as an alternate to Slow Air Chamber.
  • Minor updates to legal statement.
  • Add names of flutes in Mapuche.

Version 2.99 — January 7, 2013

Version 2.98 — December 20, 2012

  • New page on Breath Pressure in Ethnic Wind Instruments.
  • Set JSTOR entries for all references (currently 97) known to be in the JSTOR database.
  • Addition of Hisatsinom as an alternate name for Ancient Puebloan peoples.
  • Add direct links to Archive.org for publically accessible references.
  • Numerous additions to references list.
  • New sub-reference list specifically for papers related to breath pressure studies in woodwinds.
  • Post two papers on acoustics by Michael Prairie.
  • New Reference PDF for [Stone 1874].

Version 2.97 — December 2, 2012

Version 2.96 — November 26, 2012

Version 2.95 — October 29, 2012

  • Added more names for flutes on the Names of the Native American Flute page … pointed out by Barry Higgins, as well as new names for Zuñi flutes.
  • Note on The Warble page, the distinct phrases used by James Stevenson for two distinct flutes, a “Sacred flute” and a “Sacred warbling flute”, in his 1884 catalog of about 4,900 "archæologic and ethnologic specimens collected in Arizona and New Mexico during the season of 1881. These collections were all obtained from the pueblo of Zuñi in Northwestern New Mexico, and the pueblos comprising the province of Tusayan, in Northeastern Arizona." The Zuñi names for these are distinct: Shoh-k'on-ne and Tchá-he-he-lon-ne, respectively ([Stevenson-J 1884], page 583).

Version 2.94 — October 28, 2012

  • Addition of a branch flute by Billy Crowbeak Faluski to the branch flutes page.

Version 2.93 — October 25, 2012

  • Fix typos on the Honoring the Tradition page.
  • Correct Edward Kort's email address.
  • Further changes to glossary entries for Branch Flute, Slow Air Chamber (with new AKA phrases from the discussion on the Native Flute Woodworking Yahoo group and the Facebook Flutopedia group), and addition of Plenum Chamber.

Version 2.92 — October 19, 2012

  • Change definition of Branch Flute, based on a suggestion from Jon Sherman.

Version 2.91 — April 28, 2012

  • Fix typo on Mesopotamian Flutes page.

Version 2.90 — April 27, 2012

Version 2.89 — April 23, 2012

Version 2.88 — April 22, 2012

  • Provide reference PDFs for [Renaud 1926] and it's English translation in [Renaud 2012], specifically for the Mummy Cave flutes.
  • Add the pictorial transcription of Tatanka by Vittoria Satta to the Nakai Tablature page.
  • Add a note about Guitar chords in the Circle of Fifths page. Thanks to John Ellis and Mark McGourley for suggesting this.

Version 2.87 — April 21, 2012

Version 2.86 — April 19, 2012

Version 2.85 — April 17, 2012

Version 2.84 — March 15, 2012

  • Correct track for Tuvan throat singing - thanks to Herman Witkam for pointing out the error.
  • Fix incorrect conversion from millimeters to inches on the Breckenridge page - thanks to Larry Evans for pointing that out.
  • Addition of several maps to the Tribal Maps page.
  • Add reference for the current official list of the 565 federally recognized “Indian entities”.
  • Correct confusion about Pueblo Bonito flutes and the Mojave culture.
  • Refine description of Marlon Magdalena flutes on the Pueblo Bonito page.
  • Addition of the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Repair missing </a> tags in many files at anchor points.

Version 2.83 — March 4, 2012 (done from Salt Lake City)

  • Configure each search result with an image “stamp” based on its file type.

Version 2.82 — March 3, 2012 (done from Salt Lake City)

  • Handle changes required by web server reconfiguration, from BSD Unix to Ubuntu/Linux x64:
  • Change in location of HTTPS scripts from o12 to d15.
  • Complete overhaul of CGI code for search facility from executables to PHP scripts, including searches of PDF files.

Version 2.81 — February 24, 2012

  • Add wide images to the header of every page.

Version 2.80 — February 24, 2012

  • Fix bug in generation scripts that messed up tables.

Version 2.79 — February 23, 2012

  • Update anatomy image to use the term “sound chamber” rather than “resonating chamber”.
  • Stylistic corrections and suggestions by John Hnath on the Care and Maintenance page.
  • Glossary updates to correspond to newly updated Wikipedia Native American flute page.
  • Various updates and changes suggested by Scott, including fixes to the sheet music for Simple Gifts.
  • Add measurements and notes for the Choctaw overtone flute.

Version 2.78 — February 22, 2012

Version 2.77 — February 22, 2012

Version 2.76 — February 21, 2012

Version 2.75 — February 19, 2012

Version 2.74 — February 17, 2012

Version 2.73 — February 14, 2012

  • Added Seven-hole minor, Four-hole minor, and Six-hole Minor Extended tunings to the NAF Tunings Map.
  • Add 17 “proposed” tunings to the NAF Tunings Map, based on scales shown in Scala.
  • Moved the Pueblo Bonito flute description to a new page on The Flutes of Pueblo Bonito, with substantial additions to the info on the Jonathan Walpole replicas.
  • Update the Fonts page to show an example of each font where the fonts are described.

Version 2.72 — February 13, 2012

Version 2.71 — February 12, 2012

Version 2.70 — February 9, 2012 (done in Amsterdam)

Version 2.68 — February 3, 2012 (done in Tbilisi)

Version 2.67 — January 30, 2012 (done in Sachkhere)

  • Add title= attributes to all glossary links, showing a shortened version of the definition of the item.
  • Add a title= attributes to external links to indicate that the link opens in a new browser window.

Version 2.66 — January 20, 2012

Version 2.65 — January 17, 2012

Version 2.64 — January 15, 2012

Version 2.63 — January 13, 2012

  • Added note on the Breckenridge Flute page that the numbering for finger holes is “flute player numbering”.
  • Repair numerous incorrect citations with mis-matching tags and references (and repair the code broken that was supposed to check for this error).
  • Added citations about traditional flute crafting on the Crafting page, as well as a very cool Northern Plains Courting Flute, circa 1880.
  • Added reference PDF for Chippewa Customs [Densmore 1929b].
  • New page on Piano Accompaniment for Native American Flutes

Version 2.62 — January 8, 2012

Version 2.61 — December 24, 2011

Version 2.60 — December 7, 2011

  • Added new song Taps.
  • Repair the tuning shown for the Kiva flute on the NAF Tuning Map.
  • General site-wide expansion and elimination of “NAF” in favor of “Native American flute”, at the suggestion of Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl.
  • Add the Beltrami flute to the Indigenous North American Flutes page.

Version 2.59 — December 2, 2011

  • Update the NAF Tuning Map with Geoffrey Ellis' Mayan Long Count tuning.
  • Repair incorrect fingerings for the Lost Tuning based on an email from Geoffrey Ellis.
  • Update and expand information on Earth My Body, including a basic recording.

Version 2.58 — November 29, 2011

Version 2.57 — November 28, 2011 6PM

Version 2.56 — November 28, 2011

Version 2.55 — November 27, 2011

Version 2.54 — November 23, 2011

  • Add information on Shepard's Tone and pitch circularity to the Reference Drones page.
  • Added new Simple Guitar Accompaniment for Native American Flute page. Thanks to Mark McGourley for this approach to guitar playing.
  • Added new song Colors of the Wind, based on the Bob Child arrangement.
  • Add red indicator to displayed scale steps in cases where the top note is in the upper register (such as for Anasazi flutes). For example, scale steps for a diatonic flute are now shown as 2-2-1-2-2-2-1. Thanks to Michael Jones for this suggestion.

Version 2.53 — November 8, 2011

Version 2.52 — November 1, 2011

  • Added reference PDF for Densmore's 1923 Mandan and Hidatsa Music.
  • Add four reference PDFs from [Wake 1894].
  • Add 11 reference PDFs from the 1888 and 1889 editions (volume 1 and 2) of the Journal of American Folk-lore.
  • Add content and recordings to the Yaquis Deer Dance transcription.

Version 2.51 — October 29, 2011

Version 2.50 — October 18, 2011

Version 2.49 — October 17, 2011

  • Add song Hon Shirabe.
  • Remove minor seventh from Anasazi fingering chart (it does not seem to be attainable by any cross-fingering).
  • Minor updates to the font package. Now at version 1.12.
  • Updated information about the “soft pith” on Anasazi Flutes from the Broken Flute Cave, based on information from Randy Goodhew.

Version 2.48 — October 12, 2011

Version 2.47 — October 11, 2011

Version 2.46 — October 10, 2011

Version 2.45 — October 8, 2011

Version 2.44 — August 27, 2011

  • General overhaul of accessibility for blind and limited-sight players. The use of SNAFT diagrams was woefully inadequate for users who use screen readers (such as JAWS by Freedom Scientific) that audibly render (vocalize) the text of web pages. The X's and O's of SNAFT are horrendously confusing when vocalized. The site was overhauled to place a vocalization of all finger diagram images as ALT text of those images. See the general discussion on the new Accessibility Issues and Finger Diagrams page.
  • Ensure that ALT attributes are provided for all IMG tags.
  • Divide the References list into 4 separate pages based on the first letter of the citation tag (A-F, G-L, M-R, and S-Z).

Version 2.43 — August 20, 2011

  • Corrections to and expansion of SNAFT diagrams for alternate scales for limited-sight players.

Version 2.42 — August 17, 2011

  • Add SNAFT diagrams for alternate scales to aid players with limited-sight. Thanks to Karen Keninger for this suggestion.

Version 2.41 — July 12, 2011

  • Add reference PDF for E. I. Couse 1906 Academy Notes reference.

Version 2.40 — June 28, 2011

  • Correct typos on the Pronunciation Guide page.

Version 2.39 — June 27, 2011

  • Correct tunings for the Mojave, Mojave Six, and Papago Flutes (wrong octave). Thanks to Barry Higgins for pointing this out.

Version 2.38 — June 5, 2011

  • Add a mouth-end up version of John Ellis's Finger-diagram-only blank tablature template.
  • Add transparant logos to the Link to Us page.
  • Fix title of the Finger Hole Placment page.
  • Transfer development from Saturn to Castor (June 1, 2011).
  • Fix typo on Basic NAF Design page (thanks to John Ellis for pointing that out).
  • Test all calculators on Firefox (which does not work for the Basic and Sound color calculators!) and latest versions of IE and Google Chrome. Post warnings where appropriate. (Again thanks to John Ellis for point out these issues).

Version 2.37 — May 25, 2011

  • Add Blank Tablature templates with the mouth-end-down orientation of the finger diagrams.
  • Add John Ellis's Finger-diagram-only blank tablature template.
  • Add references to the six Hopi legends from [Malotki 2000].
  • Regularize author formats throughout the references citations in the References page.
  • Change maker-specific fingering for Butch Hall flutes to indicate that the fingerings are for pre-2005 flutes. Butch Hall flutes since 2005 use the common fingerings.

Version 2.36 — April 30, 2011

  • Add [Barbeau 1942], [Densmore 1909], [Densmore 1943a], [MacCauley 1887], [Ritson 1794], [Sonneck 1905], [Morgan 1922], and [Fillmore 1894] reference PDFs.
  • Show grace notes with and without a tie on the ornaments page.

Version 2.35 — April 20, 2011

Version 2.34 — April 7-18, 2011

  • Add information on the L'Anse Amour bone flute from Labrador dating to 5580 BCE and the Mammoth Cave reed flute in Kentucky to the Indigenous North American Flutes page.
  • Addition of the Grand Gulch Flute to the Indigenous North American Flutes page, thanks to information from Justin Garnett.
  • Addition of 11 more finger diagrams for the horizontal Mohave medium - white and transparant. This provides all non-half holed finger combinations.
  • Remove comments from CSS files for faster downloading (done automatically during site generation).
  • Repair crumpled text on the NAF Tunings page.
  • Add Amazing Grace sub-pages to the top menu bar and the table of contents.
  • Handle cross-references in the bibliography to other entries on the bibliography and references pages.
  • Standardize some terminology (“modern music notation” rather than “classical staff notation” or “modern staff notation”).
  • Fix the spelling of “Mordant” → “Mordent” all over the site.
  • Update to documentation in NAFlutomat regarding measurement of the bore length.
  • Add variations for Mordent and Turn ornaments to the ornaments page and the glossary.

Version 2.33 — April 6, 2011

  • Overhaul the cover pages on reference PDFs to include the title, author, and full citation.
  • Update the legal notice to address PDF font embedding, usage of patented processes in producing PDF files, and content licensed under CC BY-SA license.
  • New U. S. Patent 5,520 relating to Organ Pipes, examined on the Organ Pipe page.

Version 2.32 — April 1, 2011

  • Fix the pervasive mis-spelling of “embouchure” (38 locations!) . Thanks to Denise Norwood for pointing this out.
  • Add links to specific FluteTree.com song pages directly from the songs for Amazing Grace, The Huron Carol, Shenandoah, Silent Night, and Zuni Sunrise. Thanks to Robert Gatliff for providing stable links for these pages.
  • Add link to the extensive Cascadia Flute Circle web site.
  • Expand list of names for the flute.
  • Divide the Poetry page into six sub-pages with a “Literature” section header.
  • Split bulky Amazing Grace page into subpages.

Version 2.31 — March 29, 2011

  • Fix typos on the Beltrami Flutes page. Thanks to John Hnath for pointing these out.
  • Implement changes to accommodate Google Analytics.
  • Update Membertou's song with additional history.
  • Add Micmac to the tribal identification list.

Version 2.30 — March 27, 2011

  • Implement site search.
  • Repair the link to the Pitch to Frequency calculator on the What's New page. Thanks to Byron Ellis for pointing this out.
  • Add link to Lew Paxton Price's books on the Crafting page.
  • Correct the spelling of Fremont in the Fremont Flute graphics.
  • Add link to the Louisiana Native American Flute Circle web site of transcribed music.

Version 2.29 — March 23, 2011

  • Add Yuma Lullaby and By the Waters of Minnetonka to the songbook.

Version 2.28 — March 16-18, 2011 (done from Tunisia)

  • Update Kokopelli design in the logo to show a Native American flute.
  • Add terminology for CE and BCE in different languages as found in Italian and Tuinisian museums and other sources, together with a photo of Tunisian coinage showing the correspondence between Common Era and Islamic dates.
  • Repair erroneous link to the Dar Ennejma Ezzahra Centre of Arab & Mediterranean Music and updated the entry from my visit on March 2.
  • Fix typo on The Color of Sound page (thanks to Jesse Stern for pointing this out).
  • Fix typo on The Development of Flutes in Europe and Asia page.
  • Add the Beltrami Flutes to the Flute Timeline.
  • Add diatonic version of Amazing Grace.
  • Update most song in the Song Book with new versions of the sheet music.
  • Add six new songs to the Song Book.
  • Fix typos in Legends and Myths of the Native American Flute - thanks to Wes Figgins for pointing these out.
  • Update Bob Grealish's FluteCalc spreadsheet posting with a description of the history of how the calculations were developed.
  • Add specific pages for subsets of the humongeous References page: Archaeology, Audio Recordings, Crafting, Ethnomusicology, Flute Playing Instruction, Poetry, Song Books, and Video Recordings.

Version 2.27 — January 31, 2011 (done from Hebron)

  • Repair NAFlutomat: broken calculation of the direction holes, which were off by an octave. NAFlutomat version is now 1.37.2c. Thanks to Jeremy Howell for reporting this problem.

Version 2.26 — January 4, 2011

  • Fix various typos
  • Update scale generation to specifically name the MIDI file to be downloaded.

Version 2.25 — December 29, 2010

  • Add a new dynamic MIDI generation facility for rendering scales. First use on the Basic NAF Design tool page.

Version 2.24 — December 27, 2010

  • Add Maqam Rast / Arabic Diatonic to the Basic NAF Design tool.
  • Add Mode 1 Penta Minor Extended (using a thumb hole) to the Basic NAF Design tool.
  • Add Spanish Gypsy fingerings to the Basic NAF design tool.
  • New NAF Tunings page.
  • Repair the bug in the audio player display on the Audio Player page.
  • Add six hole thumb finger diagrams for vertical and horizontal - however, not yet provided on the fonts page.

Version 2.23 — December 18, 2010

  • New Finger Hole Placement page, giving an overview of finger hole placement methods and Grandfather tuning.

Version 2.22 — December 16, 2010

  • Repair mode 2/5 fingering.
  • Add Cross-fingerings option on the Basic NAF Design tool.
  • Attempt to implement z-index for the top menu bar, so that it floats over the audio players. This does not seem to have any effect - the audio players seem to always have a higher z ordering.
  • Re-work menus on the right hand side of the menu bar to avoid having sub-sub-menus fall off the right of the browser window.

Version 2.21 — December 15, 2010

Version 2.20 — December 14, 2010

Version 2.19 — December 12, 2010

  • Overhaul color generation code to improve colors and fix black colors. Add adjustment buttons to the Basic NAF Design tool and the Sound of Color calculator. Add substantial documentation for the color model.

Version 2.18 — December 11, 2010

Version 2.17 — December 10, 2010

  • Update of NAFlutomat to install a new patch by Ed Kort to solve the hang/looping on ultra-low flutes. Also, upgrades to the interface to use IPN notation on the interface.
  • Significant update to the CrossTune calculator to include information about sound chamber temperatures.
  • Updates to the Intervals page to add more background on What is Sound.
  • Addition of MIDI note table to the bottom of the Octave Notation page.

Version 2.16 — December 8, 2010

  • Overhaul of NAFlutomat to spruce up the interface and extract common JavaScript code for use in other calculators.
  • Remove altitude input to the CrossTune calculator. Overhaul to use the new AcousticCalcs.js common Javascript code.

Version 2.15 — December 6, 2010

  • Correct historical references to O. W. Jones from new personal communication information, and add a page of his three interviews.
  • Change link coloring for visited links and differential link colors for glossary entries. See Links.
  • Establish additional information for personal communication references.

Version 2.14 — December 1, 2010

Version 2.13 — November 28, 2010

Version 2.12 — November 22, 2010

Version 2.11 — November 21, 2010

Version 2.10 — November 8, 2010

  • Complete overhaul of the Amazing Grace songbook page.
  • Implemented a validity check for ISBNs on the References page. It turned out that some publishers provided ISBNs that were invalid! This caused problems on some external sites when an invalid ISBN was provided. I've also linked all valid ISBNs, UPCs, EANs, and ASINs on the References page to external sites for lookup.

Version 2.09 — November 5, 2010

Version 2.08 — November 2, 2010

  • Complete overhaul of Fingerings.
  • Improve description of ALT+nnn sequences on Fonts.

Version 2.07 — October 27, 2010

Version 2.06 — October 26, 2010

Version 2.05 — October 25, 2010

  • New How to Build a Simple North American Style Flute manual on the Flute Crafting page by Donn Shands.
  • Numerious small updates from numerous folks.
  • Repaired damaged NAFlutomat and Crosstune JavaScript code.

Version 2.04 — October 24, 2010

First public release

  • Move info on the Huron Carol to the Song Book page.
  • Major overhaul in how reference titles are set in citations, and how (birth–death) dates are added to the references page.
  • Refinement to Honoring the Tradition and more entries in the Tribal Identification page.
  • Information from Butch Hall on the role of Michael Graham Allen playied in the 1980s introducing the Shakuchahi tuning to the Native American flute.
  • Fix the handling of centered tables and photos for Opera and Safari browsers.
  • Update to Flute Identification page to accommodate the upcoming Flute ID facility being developed by INAFA.

Version 2.03 — October 19, 2010

  • Aligned the Table of Contents and [Prev][Next] buttons with the top menu.
  • Greatly expanded use of [PDF] reference button links and [WEB] button links.
  • Added flutes to left hand navigation panel.
  • Adjusted fonts, including new use of Papyrus … I hope most systems have that font!
  • New Selecting a Microphone for Recording by Barry Higgins added.

Version 2.02 — October 16, 2010

  • New top menu bar on each page for better navigation.
  • Home page overhauled.
  • East-Texas flute from Robert Gatliff posted.

Version 2.01 — October 8, 2010 2PM EDT

First version (password protected) posted for review and feedback by a few folks in the Native American flute community. Received many (many) suggested updates.

August 2009 — October 2010

Private development of Flutopedia.com.

August 9, 2009

Domain Flutopedia.com registered. (.net and .org registered November 30, 2009).

2003 — 2009

Many updates and additions to www.FluteKey.com.

October 25, 2002

First public version of the Native American flute resource site www.FluteKey.com.

September 22, 2002

Domain FluteKey.com registered.

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