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Guided NAFlutomat

Workshop at the Brussles Music Instrument Museum, Clint Goss, February 23, 2010

Workshop at the Brussles Music Instrument Museum
Clint Goss, February 23, 2010 Larger image

This Guided version of NAFlutomat was developed in August 2014 as a kinder, gentler approach to the sometimes-daunting interface provided by that flute-crafting design tool. This guided version is composed of a series of eight steps, each on their own page, that helps you set the most important inputs to the NAFlutomat tool. Each step provides descriptions and explanations of the inputs on that page.

The steps are:

    1. Units ⇒ 2. Key of Flute ⇒ 3. Pitch Standard ⇒
    4. Temperament ⇒ 5. Environment ⇒ 6. Bore Diameter ⇒
    7. Wall Thickness ⇒ 8. Direction Holes ⇒ 9. NAFlutomat

Notice that the last step is NAFlutomat itself. The first 8 steps assist you in setting the most important input parameters and then those values are used to set the inputs to the NAFlutomat tool.

When using this Guided NAFlutomat interface, please use the and buttons on each page:



Remember not to use your browser's  Back  and  Forward  buttons and please do not be tempted to use the Previous Page and Next Page buttons on these pages.



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