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Flute Circle Brochure

This page provides a freely downloadable brochure to help organizers and facilitators get the word out about their flute circles. Each of the PDF files available from this page can be downloaded and printed for your use. Substantial space has been provided so that you can also customize the brochure, adding your flute circle name, dates, locations, information about local festivals, and even pictures.

Side Note: Check out the Wikipedia page on Flute Circles, developed March 2016.

In order to work with these files, you will need to have a program installed that handles PDF files, such as Adobe Acrobat Reader (free download from the Abobe Web site). To add your own content, you can modify the PDF file (again, software for this task would be needed), over-print the brochure during the printing process, apply stick-on labels, or simply write the information in by hand.

The intent is to ultimately have brochures in various designs and formats. Currently we have:

Flute Circle Brochure - Riverwind Design

Flute Circle Brochure —
Riverwind Design Larger Image Brochure PDF

Riverwind Design

This brochure is titled “What is a Flute Circle?”. It was developed by Deb Almy and Dave McCullen of the Riverwind Flute Circle (Leesburg, Florida) and produced by Clint Goss. The first version was available on Flutopedia in May 2014.

The intent is to provide a variety of brochures and format. If you have feedback on the content of the brochures, please contact us.

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