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Ergonomics Survey

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This page describes a research survey that was conducted in late 2014 on the ergonomics of holding the flute. It became part of a research article on the ergonomics of the Native American flute ([Goss 2015] Native American Flute Ergonomics, Revised version).

The survey has been completed, but this page has been retained for historical purposes.

We welcome input from all flute players, regardless of level of experience on the instrument. (However, if you completed the Ergonomics Study carried out at Flute Haven 2014, please do not complete this survey as it would duplicate the data).

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Informed Consent and Authorization Statement

Title of Research: Ergonomics of Flute Playing Survey

Investigator: Clinton F. Goss, Ph.D.

Contact: clint@goss.com


The following information is provided for you to decide whether you wish to participate in the present research study. At any point you may close your browser window and not participate in this research study. You should be aware that even if you agree to participate, you are free to withdraw at any time. If you do withdraw from this research study, it will not affect your relationship with the investigator(s).

This statement describes the purpose, procedures, benefits, risks, and other aspects of the research study. No guarantees or assurances can be made as to the results of the research study.

Purpose of the Study

This research study surveys the physical characteristics and reported comfort levels of Native American flute players.

Explanation of Procedures

As part of this research study, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. No procedures invasive to the body are used in this research study. You will not be asked to exceed your physical comfort. If you feel uncomfortable with the procedures of the research study at any time, you may elect to stop a particular procedure or withdraw from the research study at any time.


No risks are anticipated associated with your participation in this research study.


No direct benefits are anticipated in connection with this research study. However, this research is expected to yield knowledge about how to predict the comfort of a particular flute based on the physical dimensions of the player.


There will be no costs for participating in this research study. Also, research participants will not be paid to participate in this research study.


Your name will not be associated in any way with the information collected about you or with the findings reported from this research study. The investigator(s) will use a study number or a pseudonym instead of your name. The investigator(s) will not share information about you unless required by law or unless you give written permission.

Withdrawal without Prejudice

Participation in this research study is voluntary; refusal to participate will involve no penalty. Each research participant is free to withdraw consent and discontinue participation in this research study at any time without prejudice from the investigator(s).


Questions about procedures should be directed to the investigator(s) listed above.

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