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Using the Flutopedia Audio Player

Many Flutopedia pages have audio streams that you can play using a small audio player that appears on the web page. Most of these audio streams are examples of playing technique or small teaching lessons. As of October 1, 2016, there were 468 audio players on Flutopedia.

As of October 1, 2016, Flutopedia began using the browser's built-in audio player. This is part of the HTML-5 specification, and should be supported by all “modern” web browsers.

Historical Note: From 2002 thorugh September 2016, Flutopedia's audio streams played using the JW Media Player v3.13 written by Jeroen “JW” Wijering, co-founder of LongTail Video. This worked well for most of Flutopedia's life, but issues with the execution of Adobe Flash Player plugins rendered the players inoperable on more and more devices. As of 2015, the audio player did Flutopedia does not run on Apple's iPad, and versions of Internet Explorer.

The switch to the HTML-5 audio player happened in version 3.95 of Flutopedia, on October 1, 2016. It was a rather substantial undertaking to make the conversion. Among other things, the players that formerly allowing playing a list of audio files had to be converted to individual players on that page.

Here is an example of the audio player:

Whispering Sunrise (excerpt)

Eugene Carr, Peter Dubner, and Clint Goss. Alba - Meditations on Sunrise. G minor flute by Kai Mayberger.

If you do not see an audio player above this line, your browser probably does not support HTML-5 audio. Since this functionality is dependent on the browser, I really cannot offer useful advice ... search the web for a solution, or upgrade to a browser with HTML-5 audio.

This audio stream is a short excerpt from Whispering Sunrise - track 5 on the CD Alba - Meditations on Sunrise, with Eugene Carr on cello, Peter Dubner on piano, and I'm playing a G minor flute by Kai Mayberger of White Raven Drums.

Many of the audio streams have a little Flute used on this audio stream icon next to them. Clicking on the icon give you information on the flute(s) used on that audio stream.

Note that you can play more than one audio stream at a time. (This may be dependent on the browser you are using, but it works on all current browsers that I am using). If a page has multiple audio players, or if multiple pages in different browser windows or browser tabs have audio players, you can play as many as you wish! Try this on the Flute Keys page, and you can experiment with harmony, dissonance, and cacaphony!



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