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I am deeply indebted to the people, companies, and organizations on this page for their support of Flutopedia. I am also deeply apologetic to any people, companies, or organizations that we have overlooked … If I missed you, Contact Me!

Support Software

Thanks to …
  • Jeroen “JW” Wijering, co-founder of LongTail Video, for providing the JW Media Player v3.13 that appeared on many of these web pages through September 2016.1
  • Geoff Stearns, for development of the SWFObject code which facilitated the display of the Audio Player through September 2016.1
  • Chris Harvey of the Indigenous Language Institute for the extensive font resources he provides for Aboriginal languages. Please visit his excellent font resources web site at LanguageGeek.com
  • Hostbaby.com, for providing outstanding hosting services for Flutopedia.
  • Adobe Systems Inc. for providing free access to their Adobe PDF Reader and their Adobe Flash Player.
  • Google, Inc. for providing search services. The search box on the upper right of each page uses the Google search facility.
  • Yahoo, Inc. for making available the Altavista Babelfish service for translating the text of pages to other languages.
  • Peter Krantz, for developing and providing the FANGS plugin to Mozilla Firefox free of charge. Fangs is explicitly designed to help web developers create accessible pages by emulating the output of a screen reader in text format. Fangs is used to improve the accessibility of these web pages for blind and limited-sight players.

1As of version 3.95, released October 1, 2016, Flutopedia uses HTML-5 audio which plays through the browser's built-in audio player.

Content Providers

Thanks to these people (listed alphabetically) who have authored text content that appears on Flutopedia:

  • Barry Higgins
  • Bob Grealish
  • Christophe Dang Ngoc Chan
  • Donn Shands
  • Edward Kort
  • Lew Price
  • Jon Norris
  • Mike Prairie
  • Pete Kosel
  • Steve Bliven

In addition, many people have have provided photos and graphic content. Those people are cited directly with their images.

And thanks also goes to the organizations (listed alphabetically) for providing access to much of the background material on this web site. They are too numerous to list here, but their contributions are cited with the content they have provided.


I would like to acknowledge these people (listed alphabetically), who have provided invaluable advice and feedback on various corners of this site. And I apologize in advance for the people I'm sure to be overlooking.

  • Barry Higgins
  • Betina Lindsey
  • Brent Haines
  • Butch Hall
  • Geoffrey Ellis
  • JoAnn Calavan
  • Kathleen Joyce-Grendahl
  • Michael Brant DeMaria, Ph. D.
  • Peter Dubner
  • Peter Phippen
  • R. Carlos Nakai
  • Robert Gatliff
  • Russ Wolf
  • Ron Warren
  • Vera Shanov

I would like to acknowledge these contribution of these people who provided advice reagarding accessibility for blind and limited-sight players:

  • Karen Keninger
  • Lynn Hedl
  • Pat Kay


Many companies and organizations have made digital versions of reference material available on the Web. This effort has added tremendously to Flutopedia. Thanks to:

the libraries and organizations that have contributed reference materials:
the companies and organizations that have sponsored the digitization of reference material:
... and the companies and organizations that have carried out the work of digitizing the materials:


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